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Twisted fairy tales 2017-2018

Publié le 10 janvier 2018 par le Webmaster

Découvrez quelques-uns des meilleurs contes détournés écrits en 2017.

Little terror

Once upon a time in a forest not so far from a village, there was a wolf who lived in constant fear. But the question is : what could a wolf possibly fear ?
This wolf was a normal wolf doing the usual wolf stuff like cleaning his house, going to the grocer’s and eating lost children that wandered too deep in the forest. Nothing unusual, until one day, while wandering in the forest, he spotted what looked like a tasty lonely girl.
At the sight of the girl, the wolf started drooling and exclaimed, “My, my ! I hope that I’m not dreaming right now. It’s been a long time since I ate human flesh, my favourite meal !” Then he quickly whispered to himself, “Month has been rough, I don’t have any money to go to the grocery store...”
The wolf got ready to jump on his prey, he was so excited about having the taste of human flesh in his mouth again ! When the girl was close enough, he leaped on her with all his strength, expecting to crush every single bone in her body, but the girl dashed and dodged the wolf’s attack.
The wolf was shocked. He could have sworn that he hadn’t miscalculated his jump, he had done this dozens of times before. There was no way an experienced hunter like him could fail something that easy. Sweat started trickling from his head as he prepared again to leap on his prey that stood quietly in front of him. Before he could even move, the girl vanished and reappeared behind him. She said coldly, “you are already dead.” The wolf replied, “Uh, what ?” and got hit so hard that he blacked out.
When the wolf woke up, he was in the house of his friend the giant who told him that he had found him unconscious while he was coming back from the grocer’s, so he took him to safety. Then the giant asked, “So what happened, buddy ?” and the wolf explained the situation. The giant replied, “how unlucky you just met the little terror. She once came into my house, took all my valuables and broke all my teeth. I heard that she had moved to your forest. You are in trouble, pal. Sure, you upset her. She will bully you every day from now on !”
Now you know why the wolf lived in constant fear.


The nasty little pigs

Since their house had been destroyed by the wolf, the little pigs were very angry and only thought of revenge. After being burnt with boiling water, the wolf never approached the pigs again and was afraid to leave his stone house. One morning, the wolf was awakened by a sound.
“I will destroy your house !” said the furious pig. But the house hardly trembled. So the second pig arrived with dynamite.
“You better come out, shy boy ! I will blow up your house,” warned the pig who was more determined than ever.
The wolf, who began to panic seriously, ran to his phone and called his friend the Wizard of Oz.
“Help me, please ! The little pigs have become very unkind and I’m so scared,” wept the wolf.
“Do not worry, I have a solution,” the magician answered. He used his magic wand on the two wicked pigs’ tails and they became nice little pigs again.
The wolf sighed with relief and thanked his faithful friend.
The wolf and the little pigs made peace and it was the beginning of a long friendship.



Once upon a time, there was a tall and handsome young man with a beautiful face and ideal character who was crossing a forest to return home. On the way, he met different animals : birds, rabbits and a doe. Night was falling, it was freezing cold. Suddenly, he came across a very ugly witch with a crooked nose and very long nails, who was dressed in black and wearing a pointed hat. She cast a spell on him and he turned into a dwarf. Upset, he decided to pursue her, but he lost sight of her. He realized very quickly that he was lost in the forest. Attracted by a smell, no doubt the smell of an apple pie, he went to a small house where Snow-White and her six sisters lived. He explained everything and they invited him to stay for dinner. At the end of the meal, when he crunched a piece of cinnamon in the apple pie, the dwarf turned into a young man again. Handsome as a prince. Snow-White directly fell under his spell. Later, they married and had a child dwarf.
Over the years, this child would be hired at Fort Boyard. The show now features three dwarfs : Passe-Partout, Passe-Muraille... and Pass-Port !


Ugly Snow-white

Once upon a time, a king and a queen had a daughter named Snow-White. Unfortunately she was very ugly and her parents were so ashamed of her that on the day of her baptism, they covered her with a sheet. Nobody could see her. The king and the queen said that she had caught a contagious disease. In the evening, the royal couple decided to talk with their magic mirror.
“Mirror, Mirror, tell us who is the ugliest,” said the queen.
“My king, my queen, I regret to tell you that your daughter Snow-White is the ugliest,” replied the mirror.
“My beautiful mirror, give us a cure for our daughter,” the king implored.
“There is a wizard called Quasimodo who lives deep in the forest. Go and see him.”
The next day, the king, the queen and the princess went to the wizard and saw his face : Quasimodo was uglier than their daughter ! Frightened, the king and the queen decided to abandon their daughter in the forest and fled. Seven dwarves found her and decided to adopt and raise her as their daughter.
Years later, Snow-White had grown up, she had just turned eighteen and she was still ugly. She was happy to live with the dwarves, but she was sad to be much taller than them. She went to see her friend Alice who gave her a cake that made her shrink. Snow-White decided to surprise the dwarves and they all lived happily ever after.

The dwarves did not see the ugliness of her face but rather the beauty of her heart.


The two little pigs

Once upon a time there were two little pigs, Pigret and Pigro, who lived in a village. Everybody in the village hated them and thought that they were deceitful, unkind and cruel.
They lived with their father and every day he told them his childhood story. Pigret and Pigro loved him.
“Every day he tells the same story,” Pigret said to Pigro.
“He is sad,” said Pigro.
“Yes and he is afraid of this story,” added Pigret.
“Let’s help him !” exclaimed Pigro.
“I have an idea !” exclaimed Pigret. “Call the huntsman and ask him for help.”
Pigro called the huntsman.
“Hello, who’s calling ?”asked the huntsman.
“It’s Pigro and Pigret,” Pigro answered. “Can you help us to kill Jim the wolf ?” he asked.
“Yes, of course ! But why do you want to kill him ?” asked the huntsman.
“Because he tried to eat our father and his brothers when they were children. He blew away our uncles’ straw house and wood house and he tried to blow away our father’s brick house. He didn’t manage to, so our father saved his brothers. But for the last thirty years, the wolf has been trying to eat our father and every day he tells us this story because he is afraid,” explained Pigret.
“Oh, okay,” said the huntsman. “But I can’t come right now because the Queen asked me to kill Snow-White and bring her heart. I don’t want to, so I’m looking for an animal to take its heart,” explained the huntsman.
“Oh, I have an idea ! Come, kill the wolf and take his heart to the Queen !” exclaimed Pigro.
“It’s a good idea. I’m coming,” said the huntsman.
Thirty minutes later, he joined Pigro and Pigret in the forest and killed Jim the wolf with a single shot. He brought the wolf’s heart to the Queen and the two little pigs brought the wolf’s skin to their father.
The next day, their father stopped telling his childhood story, he was happy.

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