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Twisted fairy tales 2014-2015

Publié le 9 mars 2015 par le Webmaster

Découvrez quelques-uns des meilleurs contes détournés écrits en 2015.


Once upon a time there was a small brown she-bear called Brownilocks. She was very curious to see what could be beyond the forest. One day she followed a small path that led her to tall buildings. Interested in what could be inside, she took advantage of an open window to enter. When she was inside, she saw three doors. In the first room, there was a jar filled with honey candy. She began by eating one candy and ended up eating everything. In the second room there was a wardrobe filled with the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen. She tried on one of them but it was too small and it tore apart. In the third room, there was a box full of toys. She took the prettiest dolls and played with them. Meanwhile the three little girls who lived in the apartment were getting back from school. The first one entered her bedroom and said, « Who ate all my candy ? »
« It’s weird, » answered one of her sisters.
The second one stepped into her bedroom, saw her dress that the bear had torn apart and said, « Who tore my dress apart ? »
The three girls went into the third bedroom and saw a small bear cub playing with dolls. They thought she was cute and they invited her to come again.
Afterwards Brownilocks came every afternoon to play with the three sisters and they lived happily ever after.

Mathilda Rose

Perfect beauty

Once upon a time there were a king and a queen who lived happily in a castle. Everybody loved them, they were a sweet queen and a kind-hearted king. In the kingdom, there were no witches, wicked giants or naughty animals : everybody was nice and gentle. There were never wars and the kingdom seemed to live in peace forever.
One day the Queen had a child. It was a girl. They called her Twilight because she was born during the night.The sovereigns were so delighted that they organized a big celebration for their baby. They sent lots of letters to the family but also fairies. In the kingdom, there were many fairies who wanted to cast a magic spell on the little princess. On party day, three fairies were allowed to come close to the cradle.
« You will be so beautiful ! » the first fairy exclaimed.
« You will sing very well ! » the second fairy said nicely.
« You will have all the possible perfect qualities ! » added the third and last fairy.
Those three fairies were giving wonderful things to Twilight. The sovereigns were so touched.
Twilight grew and became the nicest girl in the kingdom. She had the most beautiful voice and animals sang with her. But the princess was too marvellous, too perfect ! « Nobody is more perfect than me ! » said the princess miserably. When princes came, they found her perfection boring and they didn’t want to marry her. They said that, because of the fairies, nobody could be as perfect as her.
So, day by day, Twilight learnt sadness, then impatience and finally she became very angry… It was her first flaw ! The princess learnt to live with flaws : she was always angry and impatient but she lived happily ever after !

Moral : Sometimes a wicked witch is useful in a fairy tale. If Maleficent (the witch in Sleeping Beauty) hadn’t been there, the princess wouldn’t have pricked her finger and she wouldn’t have met her true love !


The widow and the beanstalk

Once upon a time in a little village, a widow lived with her only son, Jack. They were really poor since her husband had died. He had been a farmer so they had a cow. She decided to sell it and went to the market by herself because her son wasn’t really bright when it came to mathematics. On the way, she met a stranger who convinced her to sell her cow for three magic beans. She was out of her mind and accepted the deal. When she came back home, she realized the big mistake she had made. She cried desperately a while and threw the beans out of the window. The following day, as she was leaving home to get her cow back from the market, she saw that the beans had grown into a tall beantalk. She decided to climb it because there was a myth that said there was a giant living up there, right above the clouds, with tons of gold. So she climbed up the beanstalk and when she arrived at the top, she saw a castle. Determined to steal the giant’s money, the widow managed to get into the castle.
« I smell the blood of an Englishwoman, » a loud voice said angrily. « Who dares to come into my house ? »
She got scared and hid next to a window. From that spot she could see a shiny bag of gold and tried to steal it. But unfortunately the giant saw her, so she just had the time to take some coins and run for her life. She wasn’t that old, so she could run fast. She made it to the beanstalk, climbed it down and chopped it off so the giant wouldn’t be able to chase her. She came back to her house and made her son very happy with the gold coins. They were not poor anymore and lived happily ever after.


Pinocchio’s adventures

Once upon a time there was an old man called Gepetto. He lived in a small house by a river, but he was always alone and bored… One day, he took a tree branch and carved a puppet out of it. Overnight, a blue fairy appeared and gave life to the puppet which became a little boy.
Gepetto was so happy, he considered him like his son and called him Pinocchio. As the child was going to school for the first time, he met a strange man who was wearing a black hat and a long coat so that one could barely see his face. He called Pinocchio out :
« Hello ! Do you want one of my magic beans ? Just one, it’s not expensive ! » he told him.
« No, thanks. My father told me I mustn’t talk with strangers, » answered the child.
Suddenly the man grabbed the puppet, ran, arrived at a brick house and locked him in a cupboard. Inside, there were other puppets the man had already captured, so Pinocchio realized he was a puppeteer who wanted to use him ! The woodman cried a long time, but something unexpected happened. The blue fairy appeared again, saved Pinocchio and gave life to the other puppets.
When Gepetto opened the door, he saw his son with his new friends. Since that day, they lived all together happily ever after.

Noemie P.

The perfect prince

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young lady who lived in a majestic castle. Her name was Cinderella. She was a kind dreamer who had everything she needed. But she was not really happy because she couldn’t find love.
One day, Cinderella was dreaming of her prince and beginning to think that she would never find him when her fairy godmother arrived.
« Oh darling, what’s the matter ? You look so sad. » asked the fairy gently.
« I am weary of my days ! I have all I can wish for but what I want above all is to find love ! » Cinderella answered in a hopeless voice.
The fairy was very obliging and immediately decided to help her goddaughter.
« You should go to the ball. There are lots of suitors and you will find your prince ! » exclaimed the fairy.
« Yes, it is a great idea ! I must be the most beautiful to impress my prince ! » said Cinderella happily.
« I will sort out your dress. But remember you have to kiss your prince before midnight otherwise you will live alone for the rest of your life ! » warned the fairy.
« Thank you so much ! » Cinderella cried out.
At the ball, Cinderella met lots of suitors. She was taking her coat off when the first suitor came and invited her to dance. He was a strong man who had a big beard. She accepted and they danced until exhaustion. Suddenly Cinderella realized that her partner was hairy. In fact he had turned into a huge beast ! « You are the Beast ! You can’t be my prince ! » exclaimed Cinderella discontentedly before leaving him on the dance floor.
Later Cinderella was telling her friend Beauty about what had happened when the second suitor arrived and asked her name. He was tall and had long black hair. Then he started to play the piano for her, it was wonderful but when Cinderella came nearer she realized that the hand which was playing was a hook ! He had lost his hand during a fight. « You are Captain Hook ! You can’t be my prince ! » Cinderella exclaimed angrily. She ran away and went to the garden where she cried. She was feeling sorry for herself when someone arrived and asked her, « Why are you crying ? »
« I will never find my prince and I will live alone all my life ! » mumbled Cinderella miserably.
« A lady as beautiful as you cannot live alone ! » said the stranger in a low voice.
As soon as Cinderella heard these words, she looked up and saw the man who had complimented her. For a few minutes, they didn’t talk, they just looked into each other’s eyes. Then they spoke and laughed a lot.
When they walked back to Cinderella’s castle, it was empty.
« Where are your menservants ? » asked her companion.
« I don’t know. This castle is very untidy ! » exclaimed Cinderella discontentedly.
She left to look for her menservants. She checked in the kitchen, in the gardens and in the bedrooms but she didn’t find them. When she came back, she noticed with astonishment that everything had been cleaned. He had cleaned the room. As soon as Cinderella realized what had happened, she knew that he would be her prince.
Suddenly the bell rang : it was midnight ! Cinderella ran and kissed him on the stroke of midnight, then… PFFT !! When she kissed him, her perfect prince vanished and in his place was a beautiful and perfect princess who had been bewitched by a cruel and heartless witch.
Finally Cinderella found her soulmate where she didn’t think she would and she lived happily ever after with her perfect princess !

Lyc�e Fran�ois Truffaut
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