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Twisted fairy tales 2016-2017

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Découvrez quelques-uns des meilleurs contes détournés écrits en 2016.


Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Wolfy. Wolfy was half-wolf half-human. His parents had met when his mother had come to her grandmother’s house and for some unknown reason she had fallen in love with the wolf who had eaten her grandma. (Maybe it was Stockholm syndrome.)
Anyway, when Wolfy was eighteen he wanted to discover the world and left his family’s home, even if his parents didn’t want him to.
He was walking but he didn’t know where he was going. At one moment he began to feel thirsty, then he saw a house and decided to ask for help. He knocked at the door until someone answered. It was a little old pig who opened the door. When he saw Wolfy, he shouted, “No ! Not again !” and ran inside.
“Not again what ?” Wolfy wondered.
The old pig came out again with a gun and pointed it at Wolfy.
“Wait, wait ! I didn’t do anything ! Stop it, please !” Wolfy screamed.
“I know you want to eat me like the other wolf,” said the pig angrily.
“Me ? No, it’s impossible, I’m vegan like my mom,” he said.
“Really ? It’s not a joke ?” asked the pig.
“I only eat vegetables ! No meat !” answered Wolfy.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t want to frighten you. I thought that you were the wolf who had wanted to eat me and my brothers !” exclaimed the pig.
“No, no !” laughed Wolfy.
“So what do you want ?” the pig asked.
“Just a bottle of water,” Wolfy answered.
“Okay, take it and leave.”
After he had taken the bottle, Wolfy hit the road again . He walked aimlessly into a city. Suddenly a strange man told him, “Do you want five magic beans for one euro ?”
Wolfy was so hungry that he took the beans, ate them and went to sleep. The beans looked more like medecine but it was certainly that they were full of chemical products. The day after, Wolfy was found on a tree. He said to the police that he was climbing a giant beanstalk...


Little red riding hood and the glass slipper

Once upon a time there was a little girl, the prettiest creature ever seen. Her mother was very fond of her. One day her mom said :
“Bring this cake and this pot of butter to your grandma. I heard she was ill.”
“OK, mom !” said Little Red Riding Hood – yes, her name was Little Red Riding Hood.
While she was going to her grandmother’s house, she saw a castle and thought, “What a beautiful castle ! Let me visit it.” As she was climbing the stairs, she saw something shining and approached it. It was a magnificent glass slipper. Little Red Riding Hood was excited to know who this slipper belonged to and return it to that person. She looked here and there but there was nobody around. So she ran to her grandmother’s house to ask for information.
When the old woman saw the slipper, she asked with surprise :
“Where did you find this slipper ? It belongs to Cinderella !”
“Who’s Cinderella ?” asked Little Red Riding Hood.
“Let me tell you the story of Cinderella,” said the grandmother.

After she had heard the story, Little Red Riding Hood asked :
“Where is Cinderella now ?”
“She’s my neighbour !” exclaimed the old woman.
So they both went to Cinderella’s house to give her the glass slipper. On the way, the Minister of the castle stopped them.
“Who does this slipper belong to ?” he asked with authority.
“It’s Cinderella’s slipper and she’s my neighbour,” said the little girl.
“Your neighbour ? We are all searching for her,” said the Minister.
Then Cinderella was brought to the castle. The Prince and Cinderella’s wedding took place. The Prince praised Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother for their kind heart and good behaviour. He rewarded them with gold and many other incredible things because if they had been greedy or jealous, maybe they would have sold that slipper. But that didn’t happen.
After this beautiful wedding, everyone lived happily ever after.

Moral : we are always rewarded for good actions.


Goldy-knots and the three bears

Once upon a time, there was a naughty little girl called Goldy-Knots who lived in a cottage in a wood. She was called that way because of her golden hair that was all tangled up in knots and dirty as she never washed or combed it. She was also very, very naughty.
On the other side of the woods lived a family of three bears in a cute little cottage. Goldy-Knots and Baby Bear were best friends. One morning, whilst Mother Bear was making porridge for breakfast, Goldy-Knots gently knocked at the door of the three bears’cottage. Only the baby bear heard and he opened the door quietly.
“Hi Goldy-Knots, what’s up ?” said Baby Bear, grinning.
“I’m all right but I was just thinking, what kind of mischief can we get up to ? Any ideas ?”
“Of course ! It just comes naturally, like that !” He laughed, snapping his fingers.
“All right, go on then,” she pressed him.
“Mum, me and Dad are going for a walk to let the porridge cool down. So I’ll let the door open for you and you can make a real mess of Mum and Dad’s things, like the beds or even their porridge !” he explained.
“All right Baby Bear, let’s do this !”
When the family went out, Goldy-Knots came into the house and ate most of the three bowls of porridge, not making any difference between her best friend’s bowl and the parents’. She then sat on the three chairs and broke the little one. Finally she went up to the bedrooms and messed up the beds then fell asleep in the little one.
When the family got back, they were so angry. And when Baby Bear realised that his chair was broken, he went crazy. He stormed upstairs with his father and roared as loudly as he could, scaring the naughty Goldy-Knots to death. She jumped up from the bed and flew downstairs as quickly as her little legs could carry her.
The baby bear didn’t forgive her for a long time, he hadn’t expected her to ruin HIS things. But they finally got back together and started getting into mischief again.


The wolf and the hunter

Once upon a time there was a kind little wolf who was carrying a basket of food to his sick grandfather. Before he went to his grandfather’s house, he walked into a forest to pick some mushrooms for him but he didn’t notice that, hidden behind a tree, there was a bad girl who was following him. The wolf started to walk again until he met a friend who was a big pig.
“Hi my friend, what are you doing here ?” asked the pig.
“I am carrying a basket of food to my grandfather and I came into the forest to pick some mushrooms for him,” answered the wolf kindly.
“Oh, OK, but be careful, I heard some rumors that there is a hunter in the forest who is following animals to kill them. I heard that he had already killed a fox,” warned the pig.
“Thank you. I will be careful,” answered the wolf.
He arrived at his grandfather’s house without any problems. “The pig was probably joking,” thought the wolf. But when he opened the door, he heard a big sound and saw his father die, shot by the girl behind him. The wolf tried to run away but the girl killed him too, took the basket of food and went home with some gifts to her family.

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